Ireland ranked in first place for international English Language students

October 12, 2016

Ireland has once again been ranked in first place for international English language students in terms of the number of students coming to Ireland, per head of population. The figures are contained in a new report published by Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), the association that represents 62 regulated English language schools and colleges nationwide.

According to Marketing English in Ireland (MEI), Ireland is the 5th most popular global destination in terms of actual numbers of international English language students, behind UK, USA, Canada and Australia. In terms of the future outlook, Ireland continues to experience the strongest year on year growth globally among the top tiers of countries that compete for inbound students such as those that come to Ireland.

Detailed analysis shows that Ireland is in first place in the ranking for international English Language students per head of population among these top five countries. Ireland ranks ahead of UK, USA, Australia and Canada when students are counted in proportion to the overall population of the destination country. When figures for 2014 are compared, Ireland was almost double that of the United Kingdom and almost triple that of Australia in 3rd place.

In the Review and Outlook of the International English Language Sector in Ireland 2016 published by MEI, the organisation demonstrates the positive impact that measures undertaken have, to promote Ireland as a premier destination for international students overseas.

David O’Grady, CEO of Marking English in Ireland said, “As part of our ongoing work to promote Ireland as a destination for international language students, MEI is hosting international delegations from 21 countries (up from 19 last year) over a four day period in Ireland. This approach by MEI, designed to showcase Ireland as a high quality destination for foreign language students is working as 2015 student numbers are up a massive 10% and preliminary figures for 2016 are also exceptionally strong.”

David O’Grady, CEO of Marking English in Ireland continued, “Feedback from our international partners remains extremely positive and indications are that the growth experience in Ireland in recent years will continue. MEI are continuously working to open new markets and develop new markets and it is a source of great pride that students from 89 separate countries have come to Ireland in 2015. The challenge for all of us in the international English language sector in Ireland is to focus on areas and countries that will continue to grow in the years ahead, in addition to the strong markets such as Italy, Spain and France who traditionally have been the backbone of the sector in Ireland.”

“The UK Brexit vote in June of this year to leave the European Union is likely to continue to positively impact upon the international English language sector in Ireland. In part due to currency fluctuations and uncertain visa and regulatory issues, students are voting with their feet and seeking to come to Ireland in ever increasing numbers to learn English,” concluded David O’Grady, CEO of the Marking English in Ireland (MEI).

Review and Outlook of the International English Language Sector in 2016


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