About MEI

Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) is the leading association of English language schools in Ireland. 

With origins dating back to the 1960s, quality and assurance has always been central to our mission, and we are proud to represent the leading English language schools from all over the country.

The numbers speak for themselves – over 90% of English language students in Ireland, study with an MEI member school.


What we do

  • We Drive ELT Standards in Ireland

Being a member of MEI is a badge of quality and assurance.

Before becoming a member of our organisation, a school must undergo rigorous testing and inspections, and must adhere to a strict protocol that calls on them to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, due diligence and care.

All our member schools are inspected and recognised by Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS), through the service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). These are the national bodies responsible for the development and management of English Language Teaching organisations.

Learner Protection is also a core principal of MEI, through which we are able to guarantee students that they will be able to complete all language courses for which they are enrolled.


  • We Work With Our Government and Industry Partners

We work closely with the Department of Justice, the Department of Education and Skills and various Government task forces to advocate for the ELT industry, drive standards and advance the interests of MEI members.

We are a member of GAELA (the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations), the international association that aims to further the global dialogue between education bodies and organisations.

We also value our close relationship with the Ministers, Embassies, Diplomatic Personnel and Foreign Dignitaries that we have worked with in the past and will work with in the future.


  • We Promote Ireland

Ireland is a wonderful country, rich in heritage, history and culture. As a nation of writers and storytellers, there is nowhere better for a student to learn English.

Nowhere more beautiful either. Our schools are located in every imaginable location, from vibrant, exciting cities to spectacular, roaming countryside – it’s a magical place to learn English.

We are proud to promote Ireland abroad as the exciting, beautiful and welcoming country that it is.

We believe in our work, we believe in our members and we believe in Ireland as a learning destination.


  • We Promote and Support Our Member Schools

MEI is comprised of the leading English language schools in Ireland.

We represent schools of all sizes, locations and varieties. From family run schools in the countryside to large universities in city centres, each one of our member schools is a leading education institution and a valued part of our organisation.

MEI also offers industry guidance and valued support to our members, wherever it’s needed.

Our team has developed experience and knowledge of the English language industry that is simply unparalleled and we are here for our schools – only an email or phone call away.


  • We Develop Relationships with Education Agents

Year on year, education agents send students to MEI schools with confidence, ease and assurance.

We value our close relationship with the education agents we work with – they are integral to our organisation, with both parties working together to achieve the mutual goal of world class learning abroad.

If you are an education agent and wish to learn more, please click here.


  • We Travel, Meet and Collaborate

To tell the world about our schools and our organisation, we participate in the a range of trade conferences and workshops in the study travel industry, where we reconnect with our longstanding colleagues and meet new partners with whom we can look forward to future collaboration.

Once a year, we bring the world to us – the MEI Workshop is the biggest and most celebrated event in the MEI calendar and is one of the longest running, and largest, English language education events worldwide.

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