In preparation for the launch of the International Education Mark (IEM), we will be delivering a series of training sessions for MEI members.

IEM Training Schedule (MEI Members Only):

  1. Writing Policies and Procedures – September 15th
  2. Writing a viable and sustainable Business Plan – October 4th
  3. Conducting a Gap Analysis & Risk Management Plan – October 27th
  4. Reviewing your GDPR policies – November 17th
  5. Reviewing your curriculum design – January 26th
  6. Assessment & The CEFR Presentation – February 23rd

Ian Brangan is a School Director, an Eaquals & ACELS/QQI Schools Inspector, a Curriculum Designer, a Trinity cert TESOL Teacher Trainer, a Materials Designer and first and foremost, a Teacher. Ian will do a short presentation approximately 15 minutes in length with a 45-minute discussion of Assessment and the Curriculum.

We will look at including:

  • Does your assessment system reflect your teaching approach?
  • Are tests and assessment appropriate to the context?
  • Is placement effective, efficient & appropriate? Is it a learning opportunity? Is your system flexible?
  • Is progress and level testing separated and done effectively and appropriate to open enrolment?
  • Is assessment both summative and formative?
  • Is it standardized?
  • To what degree is it online?
  • Does testing lead to feedback and guidance?
  • Are reports & certificates appropriate?
  • How can we effectively prepare students for external exams?

If you wish to take part in the discussion, it would be great to get your questions beforehand to ensure they are included. Please fill out the last section on the form below if you have any questions in advance.

There will also be a chance to write in the chat and to contribute to the discussion on the day.

Registration – IEM Training 6;

Assessment & The CEFR Presentation (online session)

February 23rd, 3.00pm – 4.00pm