Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) and the Independent Language Schools Group (ILSG)

January 18, 2021

The two largest national associations of English language schools in Ireland, Marketing English In Ireland (MEI) and the Independent Language Schools Group (ILSG), are delighted to annouce the merger of the two associations.

The merged association will comprise of 65 MEI schools and more than 20 English language schools from ILSG.

Members of both associations voted in favour of the merger last week, and MEI held an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) during which it approved changes to its Articles of Association.

Colm O’Byrne, Chair of MEI and Director of ATC Language Schools , explains the reasons behind the decision, “Our sector is at a critical point of reset following a traumatic 10 months, but through collaboration we can rebuild and strengthen for the future. MEI will have a stronger voice both domestically and internationally with the addition of the many excellent schools of ILSG.

“Together we can set out our shared strategy and by combining our experience and ideas we can best serve our staff, students and partners worldwide. It is a hugely exciting development for MEI and all of our member schools; we are very much looking forward to meeting the challenges we face in the weeks and months ahead.”

Steven O’Dwyer , Co-Founder of Apollo Language Centre and Chair of ILSG, said the association was formed in 2019 to cater for quality independent language schools and quickly grew to more than 20 schools in 2020.

“The new association borne from this merger between ILSG and MEI is a really positive step, and we are looking forward to this new era for the English language sector in Ireland,” Steven said.

“The benefits for our members are numerous, and agents who promote Ireland will also see the benefits from this merger as we strengthen our position in the global market as a quality destination for their students.”

David O’Grady , CEO of MEI, said that the associations had been already been collaborating, particularly through the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Working together towards a common goal is always the best way to advance. That is the main reason for the merging of ILSG and MEI. The infrastructure was there from our joint effort on the interdepartmental ELE Working Group and trust was easily established,” he said.

“Our mutual commitment to the welfare of students and staff in the sector and our dedication to promoting Ireland as a quality destination for English language learning led to the inevitability of our shared experiences, our skills and our expertise being forged to form a single partnership. In such terrible and testing times as these, we need each other to look after each other.”

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