Ireland is open for business, join us at the MEI online workshop!

Conduct business from your desk or home office. Reconnect with partners around the world using the flexible virtual event schedule. 

How does it work?

  • All you need is a Study Travel Network account to participate.
  • Schedule all your meetings in advance through the Meeting Manager tool.
  • 20+ meeting slots available for appointments.
  • Meeting appointments appear in your own time zone.
  • Webinars, promotional activities and Irish themed competitions.

Previous online event

In March 2021, MEI hosted the first online workshop for ELT schools in Ireland. There was a total of 244 attendees at the event; 87 Irish educators (MEI members), 140 agents from 25 different countries, 14 industry service providers and 3 association representatives.

  • 42.86% of attendees were in attendance for the first time at an MEI event
  • 97.14% of attendees said that they had received enough communication about the event
  • When asked how likely are you to attend future events 94% of attendees said very likely
  • When asked how likely are you to recommend our events to a friend/colleague 93% of attendees said very likely

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