The MEI Young Learners Online Workshop will take place on February 7th. In the lead up to this we are hosting to free webinars for schools and agents on the topic of young learners.

Reimagining a Young Learner

Summer Course Programme.

Date: January 25th

Time: 2pm (Irish Time)

An updated version of our summer course programme aimed at teenagers was designed while keeping in mind 21st century skills. By creating thematic weekly projects and challenges as well as using authentic materials to foster students’ critical thinking and develop their language skills, students took the centre role in their learning experience by practising the language learnt in the classroom.

Jonathan has worked as a teacher and as the Director of Studies for IH Dublin summer centre for two consecutive years. Jonathan also has over eleven years of experience in English teaching and now course designing.

Being as Inclusive as Possible of Students with Special Needs in Summer Language Courses.

Date: February 1st

Time: 3pm (Irish Time)

The unique dilemma for Academic Managers of English Language Summer Programmes for Young Learners is that we have such a short space in which to get to know, and adapt to our students’ needs. We use the information we have to plan for consistent classes that will meet the needs of the majority. The challenge in accommodating students with special needs in those same classes is that we get limited or no information about their needs in advance, and we are not experts in the area. This talk will outline my school’s experience of running short-courses for young learners which aim to be inclusive of all our students’ needs, how we have dealt with the challenges associated with this objective, and where we have found the limitations to be.

Peter Lahiff works on the development and management of project-based and technology enhanced language courses for young learners and adults at Future Learning where he has been the Academic Director since 2013. He is a founding committee member and former president of ELT Ireland, the Irish network of English language teaching professionals