We are excited to host the MEI Young Learners Workshop 2024 on February 7th at 8am-1pm (Irish Time)

The MEI Young Learners Workshop brings together professionals, associates, and friends from the global education sector with a specific focus on junior students.

Join this online event to benefit from targeted virtual meetings. Participating language schools will connect with reputable agents specializing in junior students from various regions, creating valuable partnerships.

February 7th 


Meet online with top junior programme ELE providers in Ireland. 

Hosted on the ST Meeting  Manager platform

Ireland is a world-renowned English Language Training destination. We offer a unique language learning experience, being the only English-speaking country in the EU. This means students can fully immerse themselves in the language. Young learners have a wide range of options to choose from, with courses focused on different activities and learning styles.

In 2022, there were 51,668 junior students in MEI schools. This was an 80% return to pre-pandemic levels.

97.5% of these students were from the EU.

Junior students in Ireland can attend a variety of courses in MEI schools. These include;

  • Summer Camps
  • High School Programmes
  • Mini Stays
  • English Plus Activity
MEI Young Learners Workshop. February 7th. Poster with an agent meeting a school online across the globe.