Russia plays host to major English language events to bring language students to Ireland

October 26, 2016

Two major Russian events aimed at bringing English language students to Ireland have taken place in the Russian capital of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Moscow event which was organised by Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) the association that represents 61 regulated language schools and colleges throughout Ireland, was hosted by Adrian McDaid, Irish Ambassador to the Russian Federation. The second event in St. Petersburg was a wider industry event with participants from outside Ireland also involved.

Attended by twelve separate schools and colleges from Ireland, the Moscow meeting was held with in excess of fifty international education representatives from throughout Russia. The meetings were set up with a view to increasing the number of Russian students who will come to learn English in Ireland in 2017 and beyond. The Moscow event is the largest event held to date in Russia by Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) and was hosted for the first time in the Irish Embassy in Moscow.

David O’Grady, CEO of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) said, “MEI were thrilled to work with Ambassador McDaid and his team in the Irish Embassy in Moscow to ensure that attendees were appraised of the success story of English language education in Ireland. Last year, globally, Ireland experienced a 10% increase in the number of inbound international students studying English in Ireland, in part because of a strategic focus from MEI on markets such as Russia where there is a large market opportunity. As a country, Ireland receives more English language students per head of population than our major competitor countries such as the United Kingdom, USA, Canada or Australia and we expect that trend to continue.”

“Feedback from our member schools and colleges who participated in the MEI event in Moscow has been extremely positive and indications are that the growth experienced among Russian students coming to Ireland in recent years will continue. A key focus for MEI is to ensure that we are able to open new markets for international students as well as to develop existing markets. Students from Russia have been coming to Ireland for decades and specifically over the last five years a total of 12,830 Russian students came to study English in Ireland. Stemming from this strong track record, events such as this in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia are crucial to expand on this potential.”

“There is no doubt that in a post Brexit Europe, Ireland remains a very attractive place to study and has been a source of interest for many of the Russian representatives in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The increased currency volatility and uncertain regulatory or visa arrangements in the United Kingdom combine to make Ireland a much more attractive place for English language students from Russia and elsewhere. MEI member schools and colleges in Ireland are rightly proud of their teachers, their schools and their educational facilities. As an organisation we are proud to call Ireland a premier destination for international English language students,” concluded David O’Grady, CEO of the Marketing English in Ireland (MEI).

Last year a total of 107,129 students from 89 different countries came to study English in Ireland at one of the regulated MEI school and colleges.

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