Step 1: Start by talking to your language school

Our member schools will have a system in place for cooperating with students on the rare occasions that a complaint is made. A student can speak to a member of staff and request to make a formal complaint. The school policy will then be to sit down to listen to the students’ concerns.

Step 2: If you still have a problem,you can contact us here in MEI.

If you are still unhappy after talking to your language school, you can email the office here in MEI on We will talk to you and your English language centre to try to find a solution that everyone is happy with. Most complaints are solved at this stage.

Who can complain?

If you are not studying English at an MEI member school then we would not be in a position to help you. You will have to ask what to do at your school, college or university. We usually only act on complaints from individual students. We can take complaints from agents if a booked group has experienced a problem, but we have the right to ask for complaints from individual students instead. This might be because the complaints of the group are too varied to be treated as one issue.