Trade mission to China to bring English language students to Ireland

September 29, 2017
Trade mission to China to bring English language students to Ireland 
A three city Chinese trade mission to bring English language students to Ireland takes place this week in China. Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) the association that represents 66 regulated language schools and colleges nationwide embarked upon the Chinese trade mission, with events in the cities of Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang. 
According to David O’Grady CEO of Marking English in Ireland (MEI), “The English language training (ELT) sector continues to grow in Ireland and in 2016 over 119,000 students came to study English in Ireland at one of the 66 regulated MEI school and colleges. The trade mission to China is part of the ongoing work of MEI as an organisation to seek growth in markets such as China. The events that will take place in Beijing, Dalian and Shenyang are part of an ongoing strategy to grow our market share in China, for students wishing to travel abroad to learn English. Ireland continues to receive the largest number of English language students from European Union countries such as Spain, Italy and France. As part of a focused outreach over the last decade, MEI have been able to grow the number of Chinese students who come to study English in Ireland.”
David O’Grady, CEO of MEI continued, “The overall number of students from China that came to Ireland in 2016 was 843, which was down somewhat on 2015 when 1148 students came from China. In 2014 a total of 495 students came to Ireland from China, which shows the success in attracting significant increased numbers of students in recent years. Students from China wishing to study ELT in Ireland are required to obtain a Visa and therefore the arrive stay and spend of Chinese students in Ireland is significantly higher than that their European Union equivalent. For example in 2016 the average Chinese adult student spent approximately 20 weeks in Ireland, compared with a Spanish or Italian adult student who would spend approximately 3 weeks in Ireland.” 
The trade mission is supported by Education in Ireland the organisation that promotes Ireland as a great destination to get a high quality education and study in Ireland. MEI members participating include Active Language Learning, Alpha College of English, ATC Language Schools and Travel, Cork English School, Dublin Cultural Institute and High Schools International, NCG Dublin, Swan Training Institute and The English Studio.  
David O’Grady, CEO of MEI concluded, “MEI is a member based organisation and we know that trade missions such as this one in China, offer immense opportunities for our members to promote Ireland and their own facilities. In Ireland we can be very proud of the excellent teachers and education facilities that we have and along with the friendly and safe atmosphere for students, it really assists in promoting Ireland as a world class destination for ELT.”

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