Trinity ISE is now approved as proof of English language proficiency for Irish Study Visas by the Irish Department of Justice

On the 21st of April 2022, the Irish Department of Justice confirmed Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) as one of the accepted language tests to support the application of Study Visas for non-native speakers of English. The levels accepted are B1 and B2 or ISE I and ISE II respectively.

Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and independent education charity that has been providing assessments around the world since 1877. It specialises in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering music, drama, combined arts and English language.

Trinity exams are taken by more than 850,000 candidates in more than 60 countries including the Republic of Ireland where there are 48 institutions that operate as a Trinity exam centres or validated TESOL course providers. Trinity exams are also approved by INIS for ILEP purposes in Irish institutions.

Outside of Ireland, Trinity exams are accepted as proof of English language ability by a growing network of organisations. In the UK, Trinity Secure English Language Tests (SELTs) are approved for applications to UKVI for visas, UK visa renewal, British Citizenship, Settlement and Leave to Remain.

”We are delighted to be recognised for student visa purposes and we hope that Trinity ISE will be the exam of choice for students looking to realise their dreams of studying in the Republic of Ireland.”— Mercedes Hernandez, Director of International Recognition

For more information about Trinity College London and Trinity’s assessments, contact your local Trinity representative here: