Ireland is a dynamic, lively, and modern country with a young population and a successful, technology-orientated economy. The island is steeped in an ancient tradition of music, conversation, story-telling and making friends.

Ireland is renowned for its beautiful, unspoiled countryside scenery and vibrant cities. Our English Language Schools, located throughout the country are recognised around the world for the highest standards of education.

Are you a teenager starting from the beginning? An adult who wants to improve your general English skills? An executive looking to brush up on your business English? An English language teacher in need of a refresher course? A student preparing for an exam?

We can assure you that Ireland has approved courses and programmes that will cater to your needs! Use the filters on our School Finder section to explore your options.

For more information about study and travel in Ireland visit the Tourism Ireland and Education in Ireland websites.

  • Two people sitting among greenery in the Botanic Gardens, one of Ireland's most beautiful attractions.
  • Two people tasting some of Ireland's world-renowned food at a festival in Galway.
  • The Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland's most famous beautiful sights.
  • Two people taking part in one of the many water activities Ireland has to offer English Language Students, kayaking at Dalkey Islands.
  • Kilkenny Castle, a preserved medieval fortress in the heart of the country.